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Bvlgari: In the 1940's the Bvlgari started producing watches, they originally specialized on precious silver, and gems. In 1970's they have debuted their watches and in year 2000 they took over Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta which give rise to a new company.

name tag Many retail shops or online stores, who market a wide range of luggage tags, do not include the strap. It is up to the traveller to choose what he wants.

We recommend finding companies that specialize in these products. Companies that do the work in- house. Get the lowest price you can find by going direct to an in-house name tag manufacturer.

I stroll around the exhibit area from table to table and it is obvious that many of the vendors are perplexed by the absence of my name tag. Who is this clown? It starts to feel like I am at Sea World watching the behavior of many of the exhibitors. Before they even look me in the eye, they search desperately for my name tag in order to see if it is meal time. I get the behavior but that does not mean I like it. Is it too much to ask to actually have a conversation with someone anymore without an agenda? I hope not. If so, I will be sure to bring my iPhone to the next event so I fit in.

name tag When we developed our Internet branding business, we went through hundreds of names. That seems like a lot but if you think about how important your name and identity is, you'd spend hours pouring over name ideas too. Your name is like the handshake at that interview. Is it firm or is it wimpy? Does it show confidence in what you do and who you are? Your company name is also like how you present yourself. Are put together or are you disheveled?

Print a vCard type QR Tag on the back of your regular business card. Recipients won't have to scan or transcribe the information from your card, they can just scan the tag.

Make your name tag large enough that the people who meet you can recognize the images and read the text. One entrepreneur breaks this rule in a creative way. He uses a name tag that is a miniature version of his brochure! The tag gets attention, and gives him an opening to offer a full-size brochure.

Cleverly, you can also use the at symbol to add a person to your post (just like on Facebook). Smart marketing by Google+ to tap into what people are already used to using to tag a person on other social networking sites.