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Some molecules in non-organic Foods which are grown with the help of Chemical fertilizer, pesticides like urea, DDT etc are insoluble to water. They are non-degradable and cannot flash-out by water from the body. These molecules are dissolved with fat and remain inside the body. Non-organic foods accumulate toxin can cause of a long harmful effect on human being such as brain damage, fetal failure, cancer, sluggishness, adverse effect on central nervous system, depression. Genetically modified Organism (GMO) means they’ve their DNA altered in a Lab often by adding a new Gene from a different Organism. These hybrid seeds which use for higher production and long shelf life, bear long term harmful effects on human health. Organic food produced without synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, food irradiation, genetic engineering or sewage sludge. Organic foods are cultivated in two ways one of which is using organic manure and other one is natural not using manure called zero budget natural farming. Organic foods we provide gives better and longer life. For more details visit:\&action=comment