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Coworking Bansko Hosts Bloggers On Top 2017

John Cochrane is the Grumpy Economist, but don't let the name scare you off, he actually asserts that he isn't actually all that grumpy. John is a Senior Fellow on the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. His weblog features "commentary, news, and views from a free-market perspective." His posts provide detailed commentary along with knowledge on economic news, finance and public policy.

Knowledge Problem is a weblog by two economics PhDs, Lynne Kiesling and Michael Giberson. The blog focuses on economics generally, as well as energy markets, environmental coverage, and politics. Don´t skip this blog, and make sure to try their "How cool is this?" part for, well, some cool stuff. Mainly Macro is a weblog written for each economist and non-economists alike, which makes it a fantastic weblog for nearly anyone interested in economics.

They have a for much longer shelf life than the text blogs, particularly these which are supposed to be "tutorials" or "explainers" on matters corresponding to quantitative easing or trade вдъхновяващи блогове charges. Ed just lately became a senior fellow at the Niskanen Center.

He's written for Bloomberg, Dow Jones and other related media groups. The Capital Spectator is a blog for people excited about every little thing economics, finance and investment. A common feature on the FT Alphaville blog, Coppola writes long, nicely-researched and nicely-written, pieces on every thing from finance, economics and even music.

He’s additionally been blogging fairly frequently for them, particularly on healthcare policy, so don’t miss out on that. Whether it's Dolan's text blogs or his SlideShare web site, you can certainly expect to be taught one thing from Ed Dolan. James Picerno's Capital Spectator is another all-encompassing economics, investment, and finance blog. The focus of the weblog is macreconomics, the enterprise cylce and portfolio development technique emphasizing asset allocation and related analytics. Picerno has been writing on macreconomics and finance for over 20 years.