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Mobile Stage Trailers

According to studies, LED advertisement trucks are 65% more effective than static billboards and have a 57% higher conversion rate. This form of advertising can be more effective if a branded truck is used. A static billboard can only be placed at one place whereas a mobile billboard can be placed in various places for e.g. stopping the truck where there are a huge crowd and traffic. Since static billboards only stay in one place, some people might see it and some might not. If lots of people don’t see the advertisement then there will be even fewer people to reach out for the products and services.

The billboard trucks have GPS on them so they can also be controlled. They can be given directions as to where to go and how long to stop. For example, there is huge traffic in a certain place. Huge traffic means a huge number of crowds. The more the number of people, the more the chances that the advertisement will reach the target audience. This way it can be of huge benefit to the advertiser. Not only this, but it can also be found out as to where the trucks went and where are the customers are coming from the most.

It is also even more effective than online ads as the LED advertisement trucks cannot be blocked while online ads can be blocked. Advertisements on TV or the internet can be blocked as most viewers don’t want their entertainment time to be disrupted. But the same thing cannot be done with mobile billboards. The viewers can neither block the ads nor change the channel on the screen.

In the way, the Siwun S-80 mobile stage trucks, an advertising truck, is the cute truck with a stage to launch outdoor advertising campaign and events. It is a way to go for less expensive, but at the same time, very effective advertisements. Such trucks have huge and a total of four screens on them which makes it harder for people to miss. Simply, Siwun led stage truck is a wide application events truck, a cost-saving truck with a big stage.

Besides, other forms of advertising can be very expensive and may even have recurring costs to develop graphics and media. Also, by using the help of the GPS in the trucks, the trucks which are not working as expected can be discarded. It is an effective channel of advertising and has a better reach of the target audience.

Similarly, the S-100 Mobile stage trailer, the largest mobile stage for your event, is the best trailer to save your time to set up a huge stage for outdoor events. You can see the LED screen, PA system, big stage, truss, curtain, and so on. Many people have started their own business of mobile billboards company. So, don’t stop your business to grow up, as [Siwun LED Truck][1] is really profitable and is getting a lot of hype in recent months.