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The Innovative series of beds are by far some of the most favored, and include thick, temperature regulating foam blends for spinal support and a comfortable night’s rest. This is the most firm of the Innovative line, and has a 5 inch foam surface as part of the overall 11 inch bed profile. The ThermaLux foam regulates temperature, while the patented Ergonomex foam flexes and contours to your body shape. It is available in a twin XL up to a California king, with the twin and full sizes only available as a single control, and the queen providing a choice of single or dual.
The Sleep Number bed is priced around 10% higher than other air mattresses and 40% higher than other types of mattresses. The mattress also has a delivery fee which should be calculated in the overall price. Sleep Number now manufactures their technology in a variety of choices. They have three series each of which have seven models and the prices fluctuate depending. Created for deeper contouring, this bed is designed for heavier, larger bodies to provide support in any sleep position. It is considered the most supportive, most cooling, and largest mattresses available.

That said DO NOT finance from them because they are slow to credit your return or price adjustments and you have no recourse unlike you would maybe have had you used a credit card . The $400 bucks they get for delivery and return probably covers the cost of the bed anyway. They must sell a lot of these beds to kids because I have not met one adult that bought one that didn’t get rid of it within a year.
That mattress has lasted 10 years and counting. I would never reccomend Sleepnumber to anyone. The trench affect has really impacted my sleep pattern and health. Things are not going to get better and customer service for this company is sub-par and I am being generous with that description. Parts are expensive and they do not allow returns of their expensive parts even when the issue it fault on their part. Case in point, I contacted the company to order a replacement foam topper. When I received it I noticed that it was not the same as my previous foam purchase.
We purchased the top of the line sleep number bed and have not been satisfied. The bed gets hot and the support is not comfortable. Only after 2 years we are getting rid of the bed.
That's useful if you've just had a workout, and need a softer mattress to support your back, or want to know the temperature that sends you to la-la land the fastest. Sleep Number has offered mattresses with SleepIQ before, but they've never responded to your movements in real time. Users typically wake up, review their score in the app and then adjust the bed for next time. , of course, is that they can only optimize for one sleeping position each night. The 360 smart bed, meanwhile, can compensate for multiple.
There was a 1/2 to 1 inch difference in thickness and the quality was subpar. When I told them this is not what I wanted, I was told that I could order a thicker one but it would cost me more money because I could not return the one I received. I am out 190+ dollars because THEY changed the SKU associated with an item number. I will be filing a complaint with my credit card company and the BBB. Please do not purchase a sleep number bed.
Sleep Number prices are comparable to other foam or spring mattresses, with their Queen coming in around $800 . This may seem pretty pricey, given it’s an air bed. While it’s important to remember the adjustability and technological aspects of the bed probably hike up the price, it’s still at least 15% more expensive than the average permanent-use airbed. The company isn't the first to offer a real-time adjustable bed, however. The ReST bed, which my colleague Devindra checked out at CES last year, offers a similar level of comfort and responsiveness. There's also the Balluga bed, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo last Spring.