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Solarium Fabric Designs:


  • Watered plants and set watering schedule.
  • Went over the results of the soil test that we sent to the lab on February 12th.
    • The pH is a little bit high in the water feature and northeast beds
    • All the beds seem to be a little bit low on micronutrients (iron and manganese)
  • Ripped up the tubing and filled tubs to test for possible cracks :)


3/8/18: We finally cut the fabric for the banners! Here are some pictures:

Banner-Corner 1.jpg

Banner-Corner 2.jpg

Banner-Corner 3.jpg


  • watered plants with the water from the tubs
  • dug up one of the tubs because the water level appeared to be quite low, didn't see any cracks in it though??
  • trimmed the mahogany trees - they are really infested and will probably have to be disposed of


  • we have been looking at potential trees to replace the mahoganies the past couple of weeks
    • right now it's looking like it's between the Chinese windmill palm, the yuca, and the fishtail palm
  • we also finally made the banners for the corner! now all we have to do is hang them up!