Group 4: Green roof, Stormwater and Solarium

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Check out these Recommendations from Colleen for the "spruce up Project"

File:Ferns 2019(Spruce Up project).docx

File:BROMELLIADS Spruce up project.docx


               Here are some notes from leonard perry on indoor ferns. I added photos to help identify them at claussen’s.  staghorn and rabbit’s foot are expensive and need to either be suspended in the air in a basket or attached to vertical wall.
               What about a combination of various Bromeliads in the southern, narrow beds? (you would focus on foliage). There are many different leaf textures and colors, various heights and flowers structures.  They prefer indirect light which we talked about earlier.  Nancy Matthews likes them. They would remain in their pots, sunken into the soil. You would need to plant a different type of plant to buffer the zone between the mahoganies and bromeliads. Maybe peace lilies or aglonema Just a thought. I’ll send some photos. If you don’t find many at claussens than Gardener’s Supply.  They maybe expensive. You couls try lowe’s too.
               Another idea is various geraniums. I’m not sure about their availability.