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Group Members:
Shelby Long (
Travis Miller (

Our goals include:
  1. Making displays that depict the electric and natural gas usage before Spring Break by:
    • Document what efficiency upgrades were made and when.
    • Gathering data for 3-5 years before the efficiency upgrades were made for the different buildings.
    • Gather data for the time after efficiency changes were made.
    • Make graphs that depict this data.
  2. Writing a document to present to the Dean or Provost summarizing our findings.
    • Summarize data and information on efficiency upgrades.
    • Develop an outline of what will be included in the document.
    • Meet with the Dean to ensure the document is sufficient for the Provost.
    • Present the document to appropriate faculty.

Newsletter Materials

Excel Data (From

Upgrade History, Graphs in Doc, kWh/Sq.Ft. Graph