Aiken Green Roof

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Group Members:

Jen Diehl - [[1]]
Nick Warren - [[2]]
Ben Galligan -[[3]]

Monday: 3:30
Thursday 4/27 at 9:15am

Final Screen Recording
Final power point
Final script

Final Project draft Draft
Tour style

  • start on second floor; show live feed camera.
  • Walk up to third floor; discuss data logger/tipping buckets in front of tipping buckets
  • Walk into main meeting room; power point on the rest
    • Soil test
    • Mysterious plant
    • Fertilizer
  • Have a back story on aiken and the green roof
  • good weather vs bad weather plan

Draft 2
Entire presentation with all three of us on the roof. Start with Ben filming Nick. Nick Gives overview:

  • Green roof layout from each sample to tipping buckets
  • Use of roof water in the future?
  • Data logger stolen

Ben films Jen:

  • Explains which beds have new plant
  • how plant likely got into beds
  • what plant is

Ben hands phone to Nick:

  • Ben discusses soil tests
  • What factors might be the reason for the new plant
  • Discuss fertilization of beds

A lot of what we do for our project depends on what we can accomplish. Live feed needs a camera still

4/6: Outline/Idea for final presentation
4/20: Presentation of draft for final presentation
4/27: Work on final presentation
5/4: Final presentation for the public (potentially come early for set up)
Screen Capture For Video

Analysis of bed diversity

Data Analysis (Data)

  • Obtaining data already gathered
  • Crunching raw data and portraying graphically
  • Compressing information to help move towards writing a research paper

New Data Loggers

  • Research and discussion with Gary about available funds for new data loggers (insurance money)
  • Figuring out the logistics of hiring someone to help program it


  • Researching best fertilizers (organic)
    • Looking into possible spray fertilizers
  • Purchasing fertilizer
  • Applying fertilizer
  • Look at previous year fertilizer use to find out how much we need

Water Bucket Review

  • Set one of our meeting days for supplemental instruction about water buckets i.e. cleaning and calibrating
  • Start removing buckets (8)
  • Clean buckets
  • Calibrate the buckets

Live Feed

  • Being put in contact with person in charge of screen in Aiken lobby
  • Getting access to live feed on roof
  • Connect live feed to screen
  • Email Seth O'Brian (send it to Gary first)
  • Iphone C case
  • The Green Roof Feed

Soil Test

  • Split soil box into thirds and do multiple tests per section
  • Find out if depth is important for nutrient testing
  • pH test


  • Cross reference webinar with summary of it