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Wish to naturally unclog a sink or wash a slow-moving drain? Learn why you should bypass the baking soda and vinegar after cleaning FOG clogged drains and then watch the experiment!<br />This informative article employs affiliate links.They do not cost you a thing and help us bring you all natural cleaning tutorials. Read more in Policies and Disclosures.<br />Hundreds of natural cleaning blog posts, books, and magazine columns recommend cleaning slow kitchen drains by pouring a cup of baking soda down the drain followed with a single cup vinegar. I used this combination for several years then I started to doubt its effectiveness.<br />I decided to conduct an experiment to compare the drain cleaning abilities of vinegar &amp; baking soda to another popular green cleaning solution -&gt; dish detergent &amp; hot water.<br />(Want to unclog a drain? Read How to Naturally Clean a Clogged Drain) <br />THE BAKING SODA AND VINEGAR EXPERIMENT<br /><br />I ran a simple experiment to compare two hot green cleaners when fighting with a fat, oil, and grease drain clog (or FOG drain clog). FOG is the usual cause of slow drains and backup from house kitchens, find out more about FOG clogs.<br />Step 1 -- I used a tablespoon of butter to mimic a fatty FOG drain clog.<br />Want to naturally unclog a sink or clean a slow moving drain? Discover why you need to not use baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains and see the experimentation!<br />Step 2 -- I poured 1 tbsp of baking soda and spoonful cup of vinegar into a single bowl, and a cup of warm water (nearly boiling) mixed with 1 tablespoon of dish washing detergent into the second bowl.<br />Wish to obviously unclog a sink or clean a slow moving drain? Discover why you should not use baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains and see the experimentation!<br />Step 3 -- I watched what happened to the greasy clog for 5 minutes. Here is what the bowls appeared like at 30 minutes.<br />Want to naturally unclog a sink or wash a slow moving drain? Discover why you need to never use baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains and watch the experimentation! <br />THE GREEN CLEANING RESULTS<br /><br />After 5 minutes, the greasy clog in the bowl of warm water and detergent was completely melted and would've easily emptied away. The fatty clog in the bowl of vinegar and baking soda has been unchanged (though it was coated in vinegar and baking soda).<br />Wish to naturally unclog a sink or wash a slow moving drain? Discover why you need to never use baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains and see the experiment!<br />Here is what was left of those fatty FOG clogs (butter cubes) following the experiment.<br />Wish to naturally unclog a sink or clean a slow moving drain? Learn why you need to never use baking soda and vinegar to clean your drains and watch that the experimentation! <br />It turns out my high school chemistry teacher was correct... the fizzy blend of baking soda &amp; vinegar is INEFFECTIVE when battling dirt clogged drains. Baking soda is a base while vinegar is an acid, their chemical reaction produces water with a tiny amount of salt in it, not a fat ruining drain cleaner. Plus vinegar and baking soda aren't surfactants, therefore they do not help water take oil and dirt the exact same way that detergents can.<br />The hot water does a better job melting the FOG clog and receives a kick in the degreasing power of the detergent. <br />Lots of readers inquire about the pressure created during the vinegar/baking soda response and wonder if it is going to induce a drain clog outside. The answer is yes and no.<br />Yes, when baking soda and vinegar are combined the chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide gas (CO2 ) which generates pressure in a closed container.<br />Regardless, the baking soda/vinegar reaction generated in a drain/household plumbing system doesn't occur in a closed system so pressure can't build up enough to blast a clog out of their pipes.<br />You might have seen vinegar/baking soda experiment conducted in a closed container like a balloon or bottle. They're an impressive demonstration of the power of compound reactions. However, it is important to be aware that these experiments occur in a sealed container where the CO2 gas has nowhere to escape.<br />A home drain system isn't a sealed container. From kitchen drain into sewer your pipes maintain a much larger volume of liquid or gas than a balloon or bottle, therefore it would take a lot more CO2 to fill the pipes into some point where pressure builds up. Additionally, the CO2 being created byt the baking soda/vinegar response can escape although the plumbing vent system, holes on your drain or drain cover, and/or spaces at the clog. It's not air tight! <br />THE HOT WATER SOLUTION<br /><br />Allow me to tell you a little trick: questioning the drain cleaning power of baking soda and vinegar is contentious. It makes people mad, really mad. I get emails and comments that aren't suitable to post on a PG site.<br />I am sorry if you are upset, I really am. I was a baking soda/vinegar devotee for quite a long time. But once I started researching green cleansing ingredients and bad cleaner mixes I realized that the trick was not doing me much good... and that I had been squandering baking soda and soda I could use to wash different things. <br />WHY IS BAKING SODA AND VINEGAR RECOMMEND AS A DRAIN CLEANER?<br /><br />Perhaps the fun compound reaction tricks our minds with all of the bubbling, maybe companies like to promote more of the products, or perhaps it is the warm water.<br />If you look at baking soda + vinegar drain cleaning instructions you'll notice they recommend following the baking soda/vinegar with almost boiling water. As shown in the experiment above, extremely hot water does a great job melting FOG clogs.<br />Bonus: the weight of the hot water creates pressure on the clog that could help loosen or transfer it (thanks to gravity). <br />Still have doubts?<br /> Next time you get a clogged or slow drain, consider reaching for hot water . You may find out that it does a Fantastic job cutting through FOG clogs and you can save yourself some money on baking soda and vinegar <br />THE ENZYME SOLUTION<br /><br />Have a difficult FOG clog that warm water doesn't fix or even a drain clogged with hair? Try an enzyme drain cleaner such as Earth Enzymes Drain Opener or even Biokleen Drain Gel.<br /> [https://tinyurl.com/DrainCleaner2020 wild tornado] eco-friendly drain cleaners contain enzymes and bacteria that consume through the organic substance in the clog to clear your drain. (Green Gobbler Drain Clog Remover is another popular alternative, it uses monosodium sulfate, a non-toxic acid, to remove drain gunk.) <br />MORE DRAIN CLEANING TIPS<br /> <br />Learn four ways to clean a clogged drain without calling a plumber using nasty substances.
結腸直腸癌篩查是任何結腸癌患者最重要的決定之一。結腸直腸癌篩查的主要目的是將結腸直腸癌鑑定為早期疾病,從而能夠在其擴散到其他器官之前對其進行治療。早期診斷將提高罹患這種癌症的人的生存率並縮短其總壽命。<br /><br /><br /><br />不幸的是,大多數癌症患者在晚期時就被診斷出,這可能是先前未發現的健康問題造成的。當前,醫師正在採用三種大腸癌篩查方法來檢測該疾病。這些措施包括使用數字直腸檢查(DRE),醫師健康系統(PHS)和醫療保險攜帶與責任法案(HIPAA)。<br /><br />這些當前的篩查測試的主要問題之一是,它們主要取決於醫生感知直腸內部變化的能力。儘管事實上許多患有這種疾病的患者在醫療過程中均報告了其外表發生變化,但這些變化最終僅是廢物和細菌的堆積。醫生可以通過對肛門進行目視檢查來檢測這種廢物和細菌。這種方法的主要問題是它無法檢測到大腸或其任何器官(例如肝臟,胰腺或腎臟)的任何異常。<br /><br />人們開始吸煙後,患大腸癌的風險增加。很快發現,吸煙可能導致幾種不同類型的癌症(包括結腸癌,食道癌,乳腺癌和前列腺癌)的風險增加。環境保護局不斷評估與煙草有關的健康風險,並決定在公共場所禁止吸煙。不幸的是,該禁令沒有產生預期的效果。吸煙仍然是造成不良健康的重要因素,許多人繼續依靠香煙來滿足其所有尼古丁需求。<br /><br /> [https://telegra.ph/醫療保險如何運作-01-23 醫保邊間好] 。衛生專業人員採取的第一步措施是對每位被診斷患有大腸癌或其他癌症檢查的患者進行檢查。各種健康狀況的篩查測試急劇增加。如今,針對普通人群的結腸癌篩查和其他形式的健康篩查已成為常規。當醫生告知他們可能面臨這種健康狀況的風險時,這導致就診醫生的人數急劇減少。<br /><br />醫療保健提供者採取的下一步措施是對其先前可用的大腸癌治療計劃進行重大修訂。過去,經歷過這種疾病症狀的個人通常只接受一項選擇手術。不幸的是,實際上很少有人選擇手術作為他們的首選。結果,他們經常得不到有效的治療,導致他們的疾病再次發生。如今, [https://penzu.com/p/a0d32df1 醫保比較] ,包括替代療法,免疫療法以及各種可能有助於他們擺脫結直腸癌的外科手術方法。<br /><br />作為2021年醫療改革立法的一部分,政府還採取了必要步驟,以確保醫療保險市場上不再存在缺口。儘管可以確保個人有工作就可以得到基本保險,但也可以允許他們參加健康計劃,以使他們能夠選擇所需的醫療服務。例如,個人可以選擇自己的保費支出金額選擇。除了為這些人提供控制其費用的機會外,這種類型的承保還可以使他們避免為任何不必要的醫療程序付費。例如,對於保險公司來說,拒絕提供乳房X光照片是違法的,因為這樣做的成本將比許多女性高。<br /><br />許多人認為,如果年齡在45歲或以下, [https://everettshovelcamera35.mystrikingly.com/blog/6611ef26cc8 醫療保險比較] 。但是,這些測試在該年齡組中尤其重要,因為它們只有在進入最可治療的階段時才能發現癌症。五十歲及以上的個人應每年進行大腸癌篩查。如果過去五年沒有對該人進行篩查,則應每年進行篩查。對於那些在工作場所接觸石棉的人來說,這一點尤其重要。<br /><br /><br /><br />

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醫保邊間好 。衛生專業人員採取的第一步措施是對每位被診斷患有大腸癌或其他癌症檢查的患者進行檢查。各種健康狀況的篩查測試急劇增加。如今,針對普通人群的結腸癌篩查和其他形式的健康篩查已成為常規。當醫生告知他們可能面臨這種健康狀況的風險時,這導致就診醫生的人數急劇減少。

醫療保健提供者採取的下一步措施是對其先前可用的大腸癌治療計劃進行重大修訂。過去,經歷過這種疾病症狀的個人通常只接受一項選擇手術。不幸的是,實際上很少有人選擇手術作為他們的首選。結果,他們經常得不到有效的治療,導致他們的疾病再次發生。如今, 醫保比較 ,包括替代療法,免疫療法以及各種可能有助於他們擺脫結直腸癌的外科手術方法。


許多人認為,如果年齡在45歲或以下, 醫療保險比較 。但是,這些測試在該年齡組中尤其重要,因為它們只有在進入最可治療的階段時才能發現癌症。五十歲及以上的個人應每年進行大腸癌篩查。如果過去五年沒有對該人進行篩查,則應每年進行篩查。對於那些在工作場所接觸石棉的人來說,這一點尤其重要。