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George Bush's Deceptiveness
Yesterday, I saw in disbelief George W. Bush's intricate speech to your home of Reps. It was rather telling that this speech wasn't in primetime but rather at 9 a.m. (6 a.m. in the West). I know a whole lot regarding politics considering that I write political thrillers (www.thetwentyfirstcentury.com) as well as I am continuously doing research for my books and short articles. However it does not take a writer of national politics, or even one who doesn't follow politics, to recognize that what George Bush claimed the other day made definitely no sense. With all the (significant) issues he and the Republican event remain in, it is not surprising that he has actually all of a sudden selected to speak (or trick) the American individuals regarding America's business economics: November is coming.
In essence, Bush claimed that the state of our economic climate remains in good condition and also is getting more powerful everyday. Am I crazy, or has George Bush tripled the deficiency since he took office (and increased his wage quickly after being sworn in)?
We currently, for the very first time in history, owe more to foreign nations than they owe us (deteriorating our placement as the world's incredibly power and endangering our defenses).
The Iraqi Battle is mosting likely to set you back near to a trillion dollars by the time it finishes and we restore what we ruined there, destroying our economy over right here.

There is still the restoring of New Orleans as well as other cities, in addition to what calamities are being available in the probable future.
Just how about the billions of bucks a day in passion our country is accruing?
Shrub wishes to spend a ton of money guarding our boundaries, not from terrorists, yet from bad Mexican families that have no tasks and also need to feed their households. The terrorists are can be found in from Canada and also various other cities, not from Mexico.
Rates of interest increase each month, forcing Americans to pay more on their charge card as well as their home mortgages and also their college finances, etc. Due to that, real estate prices have actually begun to reduce because people can not afford a house AND ALSO a big rates of interest, besides climbing property taxes yearly, to pay for it. Isn't this raising taxes by a different name.
George Bush still thinks, as well as intends to proceed the ludicrous tax rebate (millions to the rich, a ration to the inadequate).
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The price of purchasing gas is increasing the price of whatever we purchase, although the oil business are enjoying significant profits (Exxon/Mobil gained $340 BILLION in 2014). This recurring impact has actually elevated the rates on food, drug, clothes, whatever. And it is not mosting likely to end, as I view my gas station increase their rates virtually everyday. How much poorer can we obtain?
The American individuals have less and less and George Shrub states the state of our economic climate is great and also is expanding. It sure appears to me and also most Americans that it's our individual financial debt that is growing. How many people are much better off today than they were five years back? Not me, or any individual I recognize.
It's all smoke and mirrors.