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해외축구중계 사이트 : Liverpool and even Manchester United have angered the Premier League plus the British government by creating plans to shape English football with a electricity grab that would furthermore reduce the size of this top rivals to eighteen groups.

The plans are actually constructed by the American-owned night clubs in conjunction with David Parry, typically the chairman regarding the English Sports League, which features the seventy two professional teams inside the several tiers below the Top League.
Parry is promoting the biggest shake-up associated with English language football since he or she served to make often the Top League in 1992 along with a breakaway from often the Football Group by stating it would present better revenue for EFL night clubs as they struggle financially due to fans staying shut out of stadiums while in the pandemic.

But often the lack of wide collaboration has opened up bone injuries, using the Premier League being concerned “we all work together” through the “proper channels. "