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You can adjust the pillow’s firmness to your liking by adding or reducing the amount of water in the water base. You can refill the pillow quite easily, and the only reason you should be adding or removing water from it is to adjust its firmness levels. The next best choice would be the popular Tempur-Neck pillow. If you answered yes to all the above, please run to the store and get yourself the best pillow for back sleepers. The best feature of the original Coop Home Goods neck pillow is its adjustability. For support, the pillow has a layer of plush Dacron stalest holfill fiber. It provides excellent neck support on one side thanks to its cushy yet supportive fiber fill. The fiber fill is completely hypoallergenic, and this is to prevent red eyes and stuffy noses every morning. You may have sleep apnea if you are still tired the morning after a full night’s rest or snore loudly during the night.

Those that are side sleepers or sleeping in multiple positions during the night, will need something more supportive. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, but generally, stomach sleepers need a very thin, almost flat pillow. It molds the pillow around your neck to form a soft and breathable cradle without succumbing to compression. Effectively, majority of the individuals have this popular myth that there are just 2 reasons for this undesirable neck pa in and those’re the trouble with the mattress or perhaps due to inappropriate sleeping position. Unlike non-water-based pillows which tend to remain in one position until you move them, the Mediflow Water pillow responds to the movements you make in your sleep and re-adjusts itself to support your neck in its new position. The Sleep Innovations Contoured Memory Foam Pillow features a therapeutically contoured design that offers better neck support than most. At the center of this pillow is a sizeable indent that is flanked on all sides by support rolls.

It is also very breathable since the open cell foam design promotes unrestricted air flow through the pillow. That’s because the pillow’s open cell memory foam is designed to conform quite snugly to the curvature of your neck and spine, forming an almost natural cradle. One feature you’ll get used to very quickly is the pillow’s responsive adjustment capability. If the pillow’s merits are not enough to go by, it is one of the highest rated neck pillows in the market, meaning it’s certainly worth a try. Material - Natural cotton, coconut, and bamboo are rising in popularity for pillows. While sleep dream pillow reviews provides a cradle for the natural shape of the neck region, the adaptive foam ensures that it is supporting all the areas that need support while allowing your neck to settle comfortably into it. This lies atop the water base and is responsible for cradling your neck while you sleep.

The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow offers superior comfort, and provides the proper ergonomic support while you sleep- there is nothing like it on the market. For extra support, bring the lower sections of the wings above your shoulders when back sleeping and the cervical support pillow will hug your neck, offering an extra measure of support, comfort and head stabilization. If you sleep on your back, look for a thin pillow with extra support in the bottom third to help cradle your neck properly. The two-layer design of the pillow is backed up by a comfortable headrest. Even for non-conventional items such as neck pillows, the Arc4Life cervical neck pillow stands out due to its dual-sided design. The uniform design means it can be used in many other ways besides a neck pillow, such as to support your lower back or even even massage your thighs. It is very soft, but it is also tough to compress as it naturally springs back to position.

The water base allows the pillow to continuously re-adjust itself to suit your neck’s position as you move in your sleep. Covering this therapeutic neck pillow is a soft and breathable cover made from blended cotton. When laid upon, this V-shaped part performs a simple therapeutic action called neck traction which is, in essence, the gentle stretching of the neck muscles. As a result, some users reported experiencing mild muscle spasms as their unused muscles got an unexpected workout. The Tri-Core Firm Support Cervical Pillow is a firm support neck pillow that offers therapeutic relief to the usually strained muscles of the neck. 1 Why do I need an orthopaedic pillow? When all you need is a neck stretcher instead of costly and time-consuming physical therapy or chiropractor treatments, simply slip these pillows around your neck and inflate for your comfort level. This is facilitated by differently-sized support rolls, which provide different comfort levels and support to suit different sleeping postures.