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Jake's genuine name is Mark Jake Johnson Weinberger, named after his uncle, who kicked the bucket in a street mishap. Jake was conceived on May 28, 1978, in Evanston, Illinois, US. His dad, Ken Weinberger, was a vehicle seller while his mom, Eve Johnson, was a craftsman. Since his folks separated from when he was youthful, he lived with his mom and developed with his two senior kin named Dan and Rachel. He is as of now 42 years of age with a Gemini sun sign.
Ethnicity and Physical Stats
Jake Johnson holds an American identity, and according to his nationality, he has a place with White. He is of English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Polish drop and is of Ashkenazi Jewish lineage. In addition, Jake has a normal body type. He stands 5 feet and 9¼ inches (164cm/1.76m) tall and weighs around 73kg (161lbs). He has a couple of dim earthy colored hair tone with hazel hued eyes.
Early Life/Education
Jake Johnson went to New Trier High School and selected at the University of Iowa, where he read for a very long time. Afterward, he moved to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. During his school days, he was acceptable at sports, and in his college days, he was keen on composing. Furthermore, his admission to Arts school manufactures him the certainty to seek after his vocation in acting.
Individual Life
Jake Johnson hitched to Erin Payne in 2006, and this couple is honored with twin little girls.
Jake Johnson is dynamic in his Instagram account (@mrjakejohnson), which has 1.3 million adherents. He doesn't have an official Twitter and Facebook account.
Jake Johnson began his expert following up on TV in 2007 and has showed up in three distinctive arrangement the very year. They are 'Derek and Simon: The Show' in six scenes and in a scene of 'Control Your Enthusiasm' and 'The Unit.' In 2009 and 2010, he has showed up in a scene of 'Lie to Me' and 'Glimmer Forward,' individually. He got his advancement second in the 2011 arrangement 'New Girl,' where he depicted as Nick Miller. It has total seven arrangement and 146 scenes, which ran till 2018. He was likewise designated for different honors for this part in the parody class.
At that point from 2011 to 2015, he showed up in various TV arrangement where he played as an entertainer and as a voice entertainer. To give some examples, they are 'Allen Gregory,' 'Apparition Girls,' 'Secondary School USA,' 'Smashed History,' Comedy Bang! Blast!' and 'BoJack Horseman.' Likewise, in 2016 and 2017, he played generally in an arrangement where he needs to loan his voice for different characters, for example, 'We Bare Bears' and 'Confidant Detective,' individually. In 2019 he was the principle cast of the wrongdoing show TV arrangement 'Stumptown' as Gray McConnell ran till 2020. Also, in 2020 he showed up in 'Bands' where he loaned his voice to the character named Ben Hopkins.
Discussing Jake's cloudy vocation, he handled his introduction film function in the film 'Rabbit Whipped' in 2007. In different movies like 'Redbelt' in 2008, 'Paper Heart' in 2009, 'Service' in 2010, and 'No hidden obligations' in 2011. The next year, he included in two unique movies 'Security Not Guaranteed' as Jeff Schwensen and in '21 Jump Street' as Principal Dadier. Similarly, in 2013 he featured in three films named 'Drinking Buddies,' 'The Pretty One,' and Coffee Town. He additionally showed up in the 2014 film 'The Lego Movie,' where he voiced for the character Barry.
Johnson additionally showed up in 'Neighbors' and 'We should be Cops' the exact year. He likewise communicated in the movies 'Lego Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape' as Lowery Cruthers in 2016 and Grouchy Smurf in 'Smurfs: The Lost Village' in 2017. Moreover, in 2017 he additionally wandered as co-essayist and maker in 'Win It All.' Furthermore, in 2018 he voiced for Peter B. Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man, in the PC vivified film 'Creepy crawly Man: Into the Spider-Verse.' Recently he is recording for 'Jurassic World: Dominion', which is yet to be delivered.
Jake Johnson[https://wikiblog.org/jake-johnson] has gotten assignments for different honors however has had the option to pack just one of them called the Gold Derby TV Award in 2013 for his work in the sitcom 'New Girl.'
Total assets
Jake Johnson has been ceaselessly working in media outlets since 2007 and has increased a decent lot of ubiquity and riches. His total assets starting at now is assessed to be $8 million.
== Jessica Lucas ==
A Canadian entertainer and vocalist Jessica Lucas is a notable face in Hollywood entertainment world. She began her vocation as a youngster craftsman when she was only seven years of age and now she have set up herself as a well known grown-up entertainer. She have shown up in different movies and arrangement and is most popular for functions in 'Cloverfield,' 'Edgemont,' Gotham 'as Lily Ford Bekka Lawrence, Tabitha Galavan individually. Alongside acting, she have additionally been highlighted in a music video with the band called Coldplay under the melody title 'Genuine romance' in 2014.
Jessica Lucas was conceived on September 24, 1985 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was destined to blended dashed guardians as her dad is a Black Canadian and her mom is an Euro-Canadian. She is likewise known by her monikers Jess and Jessy. She is at present 35 years of age with Libra sun sign.
Identity and Physical Stats
As pet Jessica Lucas identity, she is a Canadian having a place with multiracial nationality. Other than this, she stands 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68m / 168cm) tall and weighs around 58 kg (128lbs). She has a couple of dim earthy colored shaded eyes with same hair tone. She has an unmistakable element of more full lips and tight nose with conspicuous cheekbones. Additionally, Jessica have a thin body type.
Early Life / Education
Jessica Lucas had a distinct fascination for acting because of which she started taking acting classes from seven years of age in Children's Arts Theater School. She additionally was highlighted in different performance center plays by a nearby creation group like 'Snow White,' ' Cinderella 'and so on
Individual Life
Jessica Lucas recently dated entertainers like Brandon Beemer and Brandon Collier. She was then involved with Alex Jermasek in 2013 who is an expert gourmet specialist. They were occupied with 2017 and is presently living respectively.
[https://wikiblog.org/jessica-lucas Jessica Lucas] is dynamic and dynamic in her web-based media accounts. Her Instagram account (iamjessicalucas) have 246 thousand devotees and her Twitter handle have 39.2k thousand with the username (@jessicalucas).
== 10 highly effective study strategies to help you ace your tests and exams ==
If you want to achieve solid marks at school, you need to be strategic. Ditch your highlighter pens. Stop re-reading your books and notes. These are incredibly boring and passive ways to study. You need new study strategies.
Below are 10 highly effective study strategies that can be applied to any subject area.
1. Dual coding (using words and pictures)
effective study strategies mind maps
Dual coding is when you use both words and pictures to learn information. This gives you two ways to learn the information (via the words and the pictures).
Here are some different ways you can dual code when you study:
Create an infographic summarising the topic
Make a comic strip
Doodle on a blank sheet of paper as you read
Create a mind map (you can learn how to mind map here)
Look at the pictures in your textbooks and compare them to the text. Ask yourself the following question:
Is the picture conveying something that the text isn’t?
Think this strategy is only for visual learners and artistic types? Think again. Dual coding has nothing to do with learning styles and being a visual learner, which some people argue is an educational myth. Dual coding is for everyone.
2. Retrieval practice
effective study strategies
Without looking at your books and notes, try to recall the information. Ask yourself, What did I study in human biology yesterday? Force yourself to get the information out of your brain.
The simple act of bringing information to mind helps to reinforce it in your brain.
You see, it takes effort to transfer information into your long-term memory. You don’t just hear information once in class and … BOOM! That information stays in your brain forever. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.
We are incredibly forgetful so we need to revisit the information to help cement it in our brains. Retrieval practice is the best way to do this.
Let me make one thing clear: Retrieval practice is not the same thing as repetition.
Repetition is easy (you just read the information over and over again). But retrieval (forcing yourself to bring specific information to mind) is hard. It strains your brain. But it’s a good kind of muscular strain.
Just like it’s good to push your body at the gym, retrieval practice is the ultimate workout for your brain. It will help shift information into your long-term memory so you can access it when you need it.
Here are some different ways you can practice retrieval:
Use flashcards: Try to answer the question before flipping over the card and reading the answer
Do practice tests and past exam papers
Try explaining a concept to a friend, your pet or the wall
Grab a diagram you need to learn the terms of, white out the terms and test yourself
Do a brain dump: Take a blank piece of paper and draw out everything you know about a particular topic
When you get to the point where you can’t recall anything else, that’s when it’s okay to take out your books and your notes. Check for any mistakes and gaps in your knowledge.
As Dr Barbara Oakley says:
“Getting clear on what you don’t understand is 80% of the battle.”
It’s also important to know that you’re retrieving the correct information (otherwise, you’ll be reinforcing the wrong stuff!).
If you’re consistent with your retrieval practice and incorporate it into your study sessions, you’ll see dramatic improvements over time.
3. Spaced practice
highly effective study strategies
Rather than doing 5 hours of study right before your exam (i.e. cramming), it’s much more effective to space out those 5 hours of study over 2 weeks. You learn more by spacing out your study.
Now if you’re used to the cramming approach, spreading out your study over 2 weeks will probably feel strange at first. It will require a little planning. But the more you do this, the easier it gets. Before you know it, it will become a habit.
When you sit down to do spaced practice, keep in mind you only need to do 15-20 minutes of study before taking a break (not hours and hours of study).
The spaced practice approach usually means you’ll:
Be less stressed
Get more sleep
You’ll remember the information for a lot longer
Why? Because you won’t need to stay up late or pull an all-nighter to study for your test or exam.
4. Pretend to be 4-years-old
effective study strategy ask why
Have you ever spent time with a 4-year-old child? If so, you’ll notice they ask Why? a lot. It’s this natural curiosity that makes 4-year-olds like sponges, soaking up information from absolutely everywhere.
When you sit down to read your textbook, you want to ask Why? and How?
Ask questions such as:
Why is this the case?
How does this idea relate to the idea that was mentioned earlier?
How does this work?
How do these ideas relate to my own life?
Asking questions will help you to stay engaged with the material.
5. The power of examples
effective study strategies
For some subjects (e.g. economics and psychology) you’ll need to learn lots of definitions of abstract ideas and concepts. If you’re like most students, you probably memorise these definitions by repeating them over and over again.
But if you do this, two things are likely to happen:
1) You’ll probably feel like a robot; and
2) You won’t fully understand the concept, which will make it hard to remember.
We can get ideas on how to learn definitions more effectively by looking at how professional actors learn their lines. Professional actors don’t learn their lines word for word. Instead they try to understand the character’s motivations and needs. Gaining a deeper understanding of these factors helps the actor to learn their lines more efficiently.
Similarly, gaining a deeper understanding of an abstract concept will help you to learn and memorise it. So the question is, what is going to help you to deeply understand the abstract concept?
Good examples. And lots of them.
Whenever you have to memorise an abstract concept, collect as many different examples as possible. Get examples from your teachers, from your textbooks, etc. Plaster those examples over your wall and in key locations in your house (e.g. on the mirror and fridge).
6. Mix things up: a) Ideas and b) Location
effective study strategies for students
a) Ideas
If you were going to a barbeque, you wouldn’t bring along veggie kebabs that only contained zucchini on the skewer. That would look cheap and nasty! One of the joys of kebabs is the variety of vegetables (e.g. tomato, onion, zucchini, capsicum). So you’d want to mix things up to make the kebabs appetising.
The same thing applies with your studies. Don’t just study one concept for a long period of time. Mix things up. Study one idea and then jump to another concept in the same subject.
For extra bonus points, you could pretend to be 4-years-old and ask yourself, How are these two ideas similar? and How are they different?
b) Location
Don’t always study in the same place. Sometimes study in a quiet café, a library or at the kitchen table. Research has found that changing your surrounding environment slows down forgetting and enriches learning.
7. Take notes by hand
take notes by hand
Want to remember more information? Ditch your laptop and work with pen and paper.
A study called The pen is mightier than the keyboard found that students retained more information when they took notes by hand than when they took typed notes on their laptops.
When you take notes on your laptop, you tend to write word for word what the teacher is saying. This is because you can type at the same speed the teacher is speaking at.
But when you take notes by hand, you can’t write as fast as the teacher speaks. This forces you to put the information in your own words. This makes it easier for you to understand the information, which explains why you tend to remember more of it.
8. Listen to (certain types of) music and/or create your own songs
should you listen to music when you study
Why is it that some people with dementia can’t remember the names of their friends and family, but they can remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs?
It’s because music touches many different regions and lobes of the brain, which helps to cement the lyrics into our brains.
This makes music an incredibly powerful learning tool. Certain types of music can motivate you to study and complete tasks that you typically perceive painful and would prefer to avoid doing.
But more importantly, music can also help you to learn important concepts.

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