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A beleaguered South Korean curling official says he and his household will leave typically the sport once and for all as the particular government investigates their so-called abusive treatment of often the "Garlic Girls, " the particular country's hugely famous Olympic silver medallists.

Former Korean Curling Federation vice-president Ellie Kyung-doo said The following thursday he / she offers a "sincere apology" into the sportsmen and likewise for causing "great disappointment" to the public.

Southerly Korea's curling 'Garlic Girls' say they were mistreated
Laxa, sweden tops Korea's 'Garlic Girls' for curling yellow metal
The reality star accepted to allegations the fact that he / she verbally mistreated users of the company, saying they had already been "unskilled" in appearance. On the other hand, Kim has been denying more critical accusations, which includes holding back donations plus prize funds from often the team. Kim's statement was initially sent to reporters hours prior to the Athletics Ministry determined to extend its inquiry into the allegations by way of two weeks until Dec. 21 years old to look further into the hunch regarding fiscal wrongdoings.

Kim plus his family had comprehensive control over the workforce with his girl, The reality star Min-jung, being the head coach and her husband the mixed doubles coach.

"We dedicated ourselves for you to styling for 25 years, decreasing our family and good friends for that development of the particular sport, " Kim claimed in the statement. "But it was our great inability that we ended up unable to look around and properly think of those people around us. I wish to say once more that I and my household will totally leave styling. "

Accusations go past verbal abuse
Typically the five-member women's curling group evolved into a overnight sense right after their improbable silver antique steel run in February's Winter months Olympics in Pyeongchang, Southern Korea. Their play name will be some sort of nod to the famous garlic produced in his or her hometown in Uiseong, inside of southern South Korea, just where they met and commenced playing together as adolescents.

But 컬링 -conflict was first open last month when Kim Eun-jung, Kim Seon-yeong, Kim Cho-hee, and sisters Kim Yeong-ae and The reality star Yeong-mi sent a document to the Korean language Sport activity and Olympic Panel accusing Kim of verbal abuse and team motor coach rentals connected with giving unreasonable instructions together with excessive control. The curlers also said often the motor coachs withheld money together with tested out to sideline the betrothed captain Kim Eun-jung following learning of her designs to start a friends and family.

Someone said the coaches in addition attempted to force Kim Cho-hee from the team ahead associated with the Olympics to open the spot for head instructor Kim Min-jung to participate as an athlete, and that Kim Kyung-doo responded with a outburst right after they decided to put with their teammate.

Southwest Korea, which includes long linked Olympic successes with national pride, possesses struggled to be able to root out and about abuse plus corruption bred by factionalism and nepotism from their highly-competitive elite sporting activities landscape, where such problems have often been ignored since long as the sportsmen produce.