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Group Members:
Zach Masi (
Patrick Mulhern (
Kira Pin Wollensak (

1. Recommission the Aiken Building to Leed Certification
  • Research steps to re-certify the building
  • Research price
  • Decide whether to re-certify or not
  • Organize proposal
  • Apply for recommissioning grants and financial support

2. Explore the Living Building Challenge standards

  • Research the standards and principles of the Living Building Challenge
  • Assess the viability of meeting Living Building Challenge standards
  • Organize the steps that would have to be taken to complete the Living Building Challenge certification
    • Proposal
    • Building Modifications
    • Price
    • Education
  • Apply for certification grants and financial support
  • Educate UVM community on new certification/ Facilitate supportive community

3. Work with Burlington Electric commissioner to troubleshoot the building efficiency issue

  • Tour building with Burlington Electric commissioner
  • Discuss ways to lower energy usage
  • Investigate unnecessary appliances
  • Install/modify technology to become more efficient
  • Educate users of building on efficiency issues and sustainable practices

Update: February 9th, 2017
Today we began looking into the LEED certification recommissioning process, as well as the Living Building certification process. Over the next week we plan on reviewing the guidelines to these certifications, and beginning to decide whether these certifications are reasonable financially, and based on the amount of work that it would require. We have uploaded the LEED recertification guidelines, as well as the Living Building information packet. On Friday, February 17th, we are meeting with Richard Wolbach, who will teach us how to access the energy usage data from the Aiken building, and other buildings on campus. We are also meeting with an employee of Burlington Electric, who will begin to walk us through the Aiken Building recommissioning process, in hopes to find out why the building energy usage is steadily increasing.
File:Recertification Guidance LEED.pdf


Attached is outline for our newsletter
File:Recommissioning Newsletter Outline .docx

Update : March 2nd, 2017
Attached is the first draft for our newsletter
File:Newsletter First Draft.docx
File:Podcast Outline.docx

Update: April 8th, 2017
Attached is a summary of the Living Building certification requirements. The requirements are segmented into seven categories called Pedals. Due to the fact that the Aiken center is an already a constructed building, we do not think it is possible to achieve the full certification. On the contrary another Living Building certification can be achieved by completing less Pedals. Information is needed from building history and the construction to fully assess if the certification is achievable.

Update: April 20th, 2017
Interviews with Rich Wolbach and Gary Hawley.
Interview questions:

  1. What role does the Aiken center play on the University of Vermont campus, and in the greater Burlington area as a sustainable, LEED certified, academic building?
  2. It has been five years since the Aiken Center’s renovation, and it’s LEED certification. The building is using more energy than expected, and this phenomena seems like it will continue to increase unless something is done to stop it. What is the importance of recomissioning the building, and bringing the energy use back to the intended levels? What can be done, and is already being done to successfully do this?
  3. How would you like to see the University of Vermont continue to promote efficiency and sustainability on their campus? Where would you like to see the university in twenty years when it comes to energy efficiency?

Final Project- Podcast