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Students in group: Dan Fleites, Emily Downs, Jake Campbell

Goals and objectives:

  • Bring all existing energy data up to date for Rubinstein Lab, Bittersweet, and Forestry science lab
  • Bring the Aiken Center data up to present standards (will have to predict for February -May)
  • Examine how will we be able to offset all energy needs (# of solar panels; area needed at compost site)
  • Examine how the Forestry Science building use energy after new renovations
  • Understand the current NetZero Plan read and understand the proposal for NetZero plans
  • Participate in the NetZero plan process by attending meetings


File:Number of trackers.xlsx

Energy Usage Data

Newsletter Article First Draft




File:GH Net Zero Newsletter2018.docx

File:Newsletter Final Draft.docx

File:RSENR Building Sqf.xlsx