Group 2: Net-Zero Solar Gain & Energy Audit

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  • Goal 1) - pool up energy data from 2018 for Rubenstein buildings

- Broken into two main categories: heating & (NG) cooling (kWh) - All buildings but the Aiken center have meters for the Natural Gas (NG) ○ Aiken receive H/C from school H-vac ○ Now metered by "steam condensate" starting a few years ago. ○ Create macro spreadsheet H/C for 1/1/18 -12/31/18 ○ Chilled water used in the middle of the winter is possible b/c of computer lab on a mild day - In a nutshell find last years (2017) data for the Aiken center H/C, generate daily energy use of 2018 comparing it to 2017 and convert it to 2018. Gary -"should take about a month"

Goal 2) - calculate amount of solar panels need to offset - Hold off till goal one is complete.

Files of Interest:

The Vehicle energy usage has been updated to 2018 (end of calendar year). All vehicle milages were weighted by EPA's combined city/highway mpg to calculate total annual kWh of 92880 which is a 10.6 kW demand.


File:New Melosira.pdf

File:Group 2 Final.pptx

File:Aiken 2017-2018 CHW Steam Data.xlsx

File:Combined RSENR Energy Data 2013-Present.xlsx

File:Solar Newsletter.docx