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ENSC 195 Spring 2019 meets **Thursday at 6:00-9:00 PM in Aiken 311**


Spring 2019 Group Homepages

Group 1: Net-Zero Retro-commissioning

Finish the final phase to move RESNR buildings to Net-Zero ready.

Group 2: Net-Zero Solar Gain & Energy Audit

Determine energy use of RESNR building to be offset by renewable solar energy and work with UVM personnel to finalize potential arrangements to install solar panels to offset energy use of RESNR buildings.

Group 3: Net-Zero Scope 3

Quantify renewable energy needed to offset carbon emissions from business travel of RESNR faculty and staff.

Group 4: Green roof, Stormwater and Solarium

Aiken solarium upgrade and maintenance, Green Roof measurements and maintenance and advance Aiken Stormwater to Flush Toilets project

All Groups: 3-Credit Requirements Page


File:Uvm schooldude tutorial 09-2016.pdf

File:Building square footage.xls

Link to energy usage data for campus buildings:

Archive: "Energy Evaluation Page" <= linked right here

Aiken Center Dashboard:

RSENR's 17 Solar Trackers at the FS Lab: Site ID: 282