Goals and Objectives Green Roof

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    • 1. Reinstall and calibrate the system to monitor the amount of storm water so the data coming out will be of Quality.**

(water after going through the green roof to the tipping buckets, which are divided and there is magnetic compound in the middle and a wired connected sensor that can record the number of tips per a 5 minute period. For calibrate we are going to calculate the amount of water and then analyze the concentration of phosphorus for example. There are different times of soil and plants, with standard plants with standard soil, a control samples different combinations of them)

We want to minimize the amoun of water that goes into stormwater.

    • 2. Use a data logger to record different variables of the weather to present that information using a colorful mobile piece of art that rotates**

Depending on how windy its outside, it will move faster. The colors of he fabric will match the colors of the building.

    • 3. Process the information about the temperature data (since 2013), to summarize and present that information.**

The 15 sensors take a sample every hour