Goals and Objectives

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  1. Add Fabric to the Corner
    1. Objective: come up with possible designs
    2. Objective: get feedback on
    3. Objective: add smaller fabric designs under the second-floor windows
  2. Fix the Leaky Water System
    1. Objective: Test tubing - either replace it or fix it
  3. Pest Management
    1. Objective: Identify pests/plants with pests
    2. Objective: Develop Managment plan
  4. Plant Nutrition/Fertilization plan
    1. Test soil, see what if anything is deficient
    2. Plan to add nutrients and what kinds
  5. Upgrade Plants
    1. Make them more colorful?
    2. replace/replant
  6. Maintenance
    1. Water Plants Throughout the Semester
    2. Collect dead material and compost weekly
  7. Lights and Windows
    1. Check the photosensor and timer on the lights
      1. Possibly adjust
    2. Check with UVM tech people
    3. Understand current window system
      1. adjust settings to only open at 75 F