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The first question that's beneficial to ask is: what can high pressure cleaners be used for? If you know the answer, this article can allow you to choose the ideal version for your cleaning requirements.
Not sure exactly how and why these machines are utilized? Read it too, it will be helpful! :-RRB-
Not just pressure, but flow and power
For cleansing cars, bicycles, walls and tiles, higher pressure washers have an excess gear: thanks to this high pressure that enhances the cleaning power by exploiting the action of water.
What's important to know is the way to thoroughly clean any dirty surface with superior results, pressure, water and power flow go together.
click here , thermal and electric cleaners
Once you understand the usefulness of high pressure and the intention to try this particular machine, ask yourself what the difference is between a thermal and an electric pressure washer.
If thermal: not only provide increased pressure, flow and power, but may be utilized for a long time and with hot water, to ease cleanup of very dirty surfaces.
They want some kind of maintenance; they're quite heavy and noisy to transport but are mainly utilized at the industrial sector, where the management of important weights and noises is surely no problem.
If electric: more common, even though with lower flow rates and pressure, electrical high pressure washers are very comfortable to use, light and easy to deal with. For all these reasons it's also used in the private and commercial sectors.
Enhance cleaning by using accessories
Cleaning better doesn't just mean doing it more often, but employing the proper accessories. Lances, extensions, nozzles and brushes, firearms or knobs, detergents and water filters constitute an effective kit to get the desired outcomes.
What is good to know is they are not synonymous and all high pressure cleaners need their own unique, made-to-measure kit. That is the reason it's a good idea to contact the after-sales support to understand what to buy and add to the machine to improve its cleaning.
Not just that: an excellent after-sales service will also react in case of wear of components, like gaskets, caps, fittings.
More cleaning or better cleaning?
Cleaning frequently isn't the same as cleaning . That's why it is not only about picking a high-end high heeled cleaner, but planning the cleaning; Doing it frequently and after the provider's directions is a great way to initiate a long and efficient relationship.

Can't you select for yourself? We take care of this! Socaf suggests that you:
The ideal model one of the numerous high pressure cleaners
Which accessories to Increase the base machine
The upkeep to be applied to always have a much better machine available
Some flesh advice on using high pressure cleaners
When utilizing your cleaning machine recall to:
When the service is completed, empty it and put it away, especially if in winter
If you include accessories that you may notice pressure losses (do not worry, this is normal!)
Choose the best accessories and Be Sure they are suitable for your pressure washer model
Hot water would be the best"accessory" but be careful not to damage the surfaces
Possess the water you use checked: a lot of limescale and impurities can also ruin the machine
Listen to the sound that the machine normally makes: shield yourself!
At this time you can select, use, clean and maintain whatever you want! Among our high-pressure washers there's certainly the model that is ideal for you!