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The Bills are an interesting case study for teams in a rebuild. The classic NFL structure has a team hiring a GM first, then the GM (in conjunction with ownership and maybe a club president) hires the coach. But that structure over the last decade has had some notable, and successful, exceptions. Kansas City (Andy Reid), Seattle (Pete Carroll) and San Francisco (Kyle Shanahan) hired the coach first, and the coach helped find the GM. Buffalo did the same. Four months after giving McDermott a five-year deal to coach the team, owners Terry and Kim Pegula gave Beane a five-year deal to be the general manager.Talking to Beane on Saturday night, I found it interesting that he brought one very specific point in his interview with the Pegulas. It’s something they wanted to hear, and needed to hear, from a bright and respected young (40 years old) personnel man on the cusp of getting a GM job somewhere.

1. Andy Reid. Kansas City is 22-1 since mid-November 2019, following the 32-29 survival test at the Superdome against the Saints on Sunday. With Atlanta and the Chargers left at home, the Chiefs could be on a 24-1 run, with the AFC’s lone bye, heading into divisional play on the weekend of Jan. 16-17. Funny that they’ve won six straight by less than a touchdown, but I don’t put much stock into “the Chiefs are slipping;” four of those have come on the road against playoff contenders. I asked Reid why his team never had that Super Bowl slump that so many champions get lulled into the season after. “I know it’s a cliché,” Reid said from his office in the ‘Dome. “But our guys like each other. We have good leaders. They’re resilient.”

11. Baker Mayfield. This is the player GM John Dorsey swore he was getting with the first pick in the 2018 draft—the guy who goes on a hot streak in big moments of the season (last four games in the 10-4 Browns’ playoff drive: 10 touchdowns, one interception), the guy who can hide even little mistakes with excellent plays. Example of the latter: With tight end David Njoku open at the goal line for a short touchdown late in the second quarter, Mayfield instead chose a covered Jarvis Landry trolling the end line at the back of the end zone. 해외배팅사이트 Mayfield fired a perfect throw, Landry came down with it, and Cleveland had its second of three TDs in the 20-6 Sunday night win over the Giants.

Andy Lee, punter, Arizona. Fourth quarter, 14:56 left, fourth-and-two, Arizona 33-yard line. Cards 26, Eagles 26. Lee takes the punt snap and throws it to the right, to a linebacker, Ezekiel Turner, who runs for 26 yards and a first down. The Cards didn’t convert it into points, but the guts of the call and the coolness of the 38-year-old Lee deserve recognition. Good day punting too. Lee averaged 47.7 on three boots.Sean McDermott, head coach, Buffalo. When the Bills hired him 47 months ago, no way McDermott was expected to make the playoffs in three of his first four years and finally beat back New England for the division title in year four. But he’s done that, and developed a team ethos that the veterans recognize as special. “He puts guys on the team who love football and get along,” defensive end Jerry Hughes said Saturday night. As I wrote in the top to this column, even in an ever-changing NFL, the Bills have ripped it up and rebuilt on the fly in an unprecedented way in McDermott’s four seasons. Of the 53 men on the active roster Saturday in Denver only one—Hughes—was on the active roster when McDermott was hired in January 2017. He’s 37-27 since taking the job, with the chance to get to 40 (including playoffs) in the next month.“One thing I can say: I never went 0-16.”—Running back Frank Gore of the no-longer 0-13 Jets, after their 23-20 upset of the Rams.

Antonio! I love the way you write! It’s so Italian! There’s a chance Taylor and the team came to some sort of legal agreement—I do not know—but I do think the fact that Taylor didn’t make a big deal of it publicly speaks to his team-first character. Anthony Lynn was pretty public when this happened that Taylor was classy about it (implying he forgave the doctor who did it), and I find it interesting that now, three months after it happened, Taylor is still a team captain and goes out for every coin flip and still is an important locker-room voice.