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McCaffrey has been injured. Henry has been playing well, but the Titans would have had him playing under a franchise tag even without a new deal. Mixon and Cook are now missing time on last-place teams. Kamara forced the Saints’ hand by staging a “hold-in” but, as outlined below, his extension was not a heavy lift for the team.

Bell made $15 million in 2019—barely more than what he forfeited in 2018—and had $6 million of an offset guarantee (reduced by any new compensation) remaining with the Jets when they released him. He has now signed with the Chiefs for a minimum contract. Perhaps he accepted less only to minimally reduce the Jets’ obligation, but a more likely explanation is that while other teams were interested, there was a soft market for a back for whom the Jets couldn’t even muster a low draft pick in a trade.

So don’t worry, we’re going to give you the normal notes we always do on Monday afternoon. But we’re also giving you a more robust lead item, which is actually a leftover from the morning column that I decided to save because A) It was good enough to lead this one; and B) My deadline was coming fast in the wee hours. And yes, I’m putting this together on 90 minutes of sleep, so fingers crossed on making this work.With that, let’s jump into Lynn’s big gamble, and how it paid off Sunday.

The second came on the second play of the Chargers’ next possession, with L.A. down 29 –22, and in first-and-10 from the Jags’ 30 with 2:06 left in the third quarter. It’s out of a look called “12 Speed,” built to highlight the young burners on the roster. Second-year receiver Jalen Guyton, who has track speed, was the target, and he wound up covering 70 yards.

• With the Antonio Brown signing now official, I asked his ex-Steeler teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster on Sunday if he’s following what’s going down with the new Buccaneer. “No,” Smith-Schuster responded. “No, I’m not.” 다파벳가입 (You may remember Smith-Schuster getting team MVP in 2018 in Pittsburgh was one of the final straws in sending Brown off the deep end and, ultimately, off the Steelers roster.)